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You Have the Credit, Now Get the Mortgage Loan

By Trust in Equity
November 21, 2018 Category: Mortgage Loans, Mortgages, Credit Scores

You Have the Credit, Now Get the Mortgage Loan Trust in Equity has partnered with Virteom to educate our customers and users through video. In this weeks blog, we talk about mortgage loans backed by a strong credit score. Trust in Equity is a mortgage broker in Avon Ohio that services the surrounding areas and Greater Cleveland. Watch our video below to learn more. How to Choose a Mortgage Lender? Bring your mortgage needs to us! At Trust in Equity, we work with about 10 different lenders to bring you the best mortgage for your specific needs. First, we will create your profile, including assessing your credit. After we build a strong credit profile, we put the scenario out to all of our lenders. Heres where we make the difference; since were on the wholesale end of things, we have the ability to offer the best rates on the market. How Does the Mortgage Process Work? At Trust in Equity, you get more than just applying for a mortgage loan. We begin our intake process by assessing

Is the Lowest Mortgage Rate Always the Best Value?

By Trust in Equity
November 08, 2018 Category: Mortgage

Hello everyone, on todays blog we have Dan from Virteom, and one of Trust in Equitys own, Larry. Weve been giving you guys this nice cool little mini video series if you havent seen these videos - check out all the other videos. Theres a lot of good stuff on how to refinance your mortgage and so on and so forth. Is the lowest mortgage rate always the best value? *below is a transcription of the video Today we thought wed have a little bit of fun and were going to talk about what you should do if youre looking for paint. If you go to your local hardware store and youre looking to buy paint and all that kind of stuff what should they do? Larry what do you want them to do here. A lot of times you hear these commercials about you know buy this paint, get this paint, its the best brand out there. Its like 90 dollars a gallon, right? Yeah. Just because its the most expensive doesnt mean its the best paint for you. Same thing could be said about mortgages just because the rates youre

Mortgage Refinance Opportunities with Trust in Equity

By Trust in Equity
October 30, 2018 Category: Refinance, Mortgage, Home Refinance

Mortgage Refinance Opportunities with Trust in Equity (Ohio) We continue our video series this week with Dan and Larry. This time, they are discussing refinances. Trust in Equity are mortgage brokers based in Avon, Ohio servicing Greater Cleveland. To learn about refinances, watch the video: *below is a transcription of the video. What We Look at In a Mortgage Refinance Most of the time with refinances, were looking to take your existing mortgage. We look at your rate and term of the mortgage, see if it makes sense to maybe change the term and lower your monthly payment as a result. Or, we may look at the interest rates, see if theres a way to reset it that would make sense for you moving forward. Repairing Your Home or Consolidating Debt? One of the other things that we can do with refinances is take cash out of the equity of your home. Ive got a lot of people do that to consolidate debt or maybe do repairs on their home. Reviewing the Term Rateof Your Mortgage Lets say Ive

The Benefit of Revisiting Your Mortgage in Different Economies

By Trust in Equity
October 19, 2018 Category: Mortgage, PMI, Mortgage Tips

The Benefit of Revisiting Your Mortgage in Different Economies We continue our video series this week with Dan and Larry. They discuss why homeowners should consider re-approaching their mortgage in todays economy, healthy economies, and bad economies. Check it out: *below is a transcription of the video. Reviewing Your Mortgage in the Present Economy A lot of people are getting notifications right now that their home values are up. Be it from realtors listening to them or maybe tax values are going up. Thats a good indication that it might be time to take a look at your mortgage. People that have purchased in the last 2-5 years may have the situation where they dont have 20% down, so theyre paying PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). With the values of their home up, if we sit down and take a look at their mortgage, we may be able to reset it without the Private Mortgage Insurance (and cost that comes with it). Resetting Your Mortgage in a Healthy Economy Can Make A Difference Many

The Mortgage Drawer Scenario - Do I Need to Revisit My Mortgage?

By Trust in Equity
October 10, 2018 Category: Refinance, Home Loans, Mortgage, Home Refinance

Do I Need to Revisit My Mortgage? The Mortgage in the Drawer dilemma. Have you ever considered trying to lower your monthly mortgage payments? This week we continue our video mini-series to help answer common questions on mortgages: purchases, and refinances. Refinance options can help lower monthly payments on your mortgage, or even aid in securing a better rate.This video is about The Mortgage in the Drawer Dilemma, watch it below and learn why you need to consider a refinance: *Below is a transcription of the video. The Mortgage in the Drawer Scenario: As we talk with people, we often find those who have a mortgage, maybe six to ten years old, and they havent done anything with it since, ever. They have literally put the paperwork in a drawer, in a file, and havenever touched it again. What are the Benefits of Pulling Out the Mortgage Papers? All About the Amortization Schedule If you never look at it, youre going to be paying the amortization schedule on the original principal

What Do I Need to Know If It's My First Time Buying a Home?

By Trust in Equity
October 04, 2018 Category: First Time Home Buyer

Im a first time home buyer - where do i start? We have started a new video mini-series to discuss some of the common questions people have when they are seeking a mortgage. On todays video were going to discuss first time home buyers. * Below is a transcription of the video What constitutes a first time home buyer? What type of person would that be? The general premise is any one who is entering the market for the first time is considered a first time home buyer. The underlying issue is whether or not youve purchased a primary residence within the last 3 years. What if I havent Owned a Home in More Than 3 Years? Lets say you went through a bad economy, or whatever it is and you were renting for five years, so you can actually fall back into that first time home buyer. Correct! As long as you havent owned a house as your primary residence within the last three years you qualify for a lot of first time home buyer programs. What do I need to prepare before finding a mortgage broker? So

Available Home Loan Options

By Brian Pritchard
June 09, 2016 Category: Home Loans, Mortgage, FHA, VA Loan, Jumbo Loan, USDA Loan

Learn More About the Types of Home Loans Available to You When it comes time to find funding for a home purchase, it can feel overwhelming to consider all of the information and programs available to homebuyers. Thats why weve put together this handy summary of typical home loan options for you to review. Conventional Loan:Conventional loans follow the guidelines created by GSEs (government-sponsored enterprises) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but are not guaranteed or insured by the federal government. Loans can be fixed or adjustable and often require a smaller down payment than other loan types. FHA Loan:Another type of loan with a low down payment is the FHA loan. This loan through the Federal Housing Administration is backed by the federal government. Choose either a fixed or adjustable loan and enjoy the ability to qualify for this type of loan more easily than some other types. Veterans Administration Loan:If you have served or currently serve in any branch of the U.S. military,

The Refinancing Option

By Brian Pritchard
June 06, 2016 Category: Refinance, Refinancing, Home Refinance, Refinance Loan

Helpful Info for Homeowners Considering a Refinance Homeowners consider refinancing for a number of different reasons. Sometimes, the goal is to consolidate debts into the home loan to reduce overall interest in the long run. Other times, the goal is simply to lower monthly mortgage payments by taking advantage of a mortgage rate that is lower than that secured during the initial purchase of the home. Whatever your reasons for looking into refinancing a house, we are here to help you understand the scope of your refinance options. Types of Refinance Loans Conventional:This straightforward refinance option is a good starting point when exploring refinancing your home. The greater the equity you have in your home, the better a conventional refinance will work for you. HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program):HARP is a government-backed refinance program designed to help make your payments more affordable so you can stay in the home. FHA Streamline:For those who already have an FHA home

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