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    VA Loan Client

    "I am a Vet and I didn't know that I could apply for a special home loan that offered me a significant discount.  Trust In Equity made me realize that this was available to me. I really love their honesty and willingness to go above and beyond to make this loan process so easy."

    Knowledgable and Skillful

    "Brian Bodenski and the team at Trust In Equity are uniquely knowledgeable and skillful in their approach to guiding new home buyers as well as those who are looking to refinance. They have more options available and truly customize the solution to the individual! Very impressed with every interaction I've had with this company!"

    - Brian Pritchard

    First Time Home Owner

    "It seems like just yesterday I lived with my parents and I went back and fourth on whether I should rent or purchase a home.  I just felt that renting was like throwing my money away but I didn't think I could afford my first home. Trust In Equity was referred to me by a friend and they really worked hard with many different lenders to find the perfect loan for me and my new home. I am so happy to have my first place, many days I have to pinch myself just thinking about my new digs!"

    Highly Recommended

    "Recently purchased a house in Avon. I used Brian Bodenski owner of Trust in Equity mortgage (local Avon company). He did a great job helping me with my mortgage and made the process easy. I would highly recommend him for anyone in need of a mortgage. Thanks Brian!!"

    - Tracy Dzurko

    Current Home Owner Customer

    "Me and my wife are on our second home and we really wanted to build our third home but we weren't too sure who to turn to when it comes to construction loans and the complexities of the loans.  Trust In Equity made it happen for us, now we are making our new home together. Thanks Guys!"

    I Love My House!

    When I was going to buy my first home I was anxious about the process as I was making the largest financial decision of my life so far. I shopped with several brokers who gave me rates but did not take the time to explain how mortgage loans worked. They started talking about PMI, MIP, and discount points, all of which were unfamiliar to me at the time. Moreover, they made me feel dumb for not knowing what all these acronyms and jargon meant. Was it really too much to ask to be able to understand where my money was going? Thankfully, I was soon introduced to Brian who took the time to educate me so that I could confidently make an informed decision on my own. Fast forward to today and I now work at Trust In Equity where I try to replicate the experience I had with all the families that I work with.

    - Dan Habekost, June 19, 2018

    Great Mortgage Professionals

    "Brian and the team at Trust In Equity are fantastic to work with. Great team of Mortgage Professionals equipped with strong knowledge and expertise for all your mortgage needs."

    - Izabela Slomski

    First Time Home Owners

    "Hey everyone, we just got Married and I have to say we couldn't be happier with Trust In Equity.  They were so personal and really shopped around for the best loan. Unlike the banks, who wanted to sell me their loan, Trust In Equity found the perfect loan after searching many providers. We really really wanted this home as it is our dream home and I honestly have to say I don't think we could have afforded this without Trust In Equity."

    They Really Care

    "Brian was wonderful as he worked with me to be able to qualify for a re-finance of my home. He helped establish a plan that allowed me to have " checked all the boxes" so I had everything in place to qualify for the re-finance. There are no words to express how supportive Brian was. He is right there, always supportive, always patient, when I called him to ask him the same question over and over again. It was evident HE REALLY CARES. He is very professional but his professionalism never got in the way of his compassion. He's knowledgeable and seems to know all the players so he gets answers to help move the process along. If you trust him you will be delighted with the results."

    - Mary Willhite

    Single Person Testimonial

    "Recently my husband passed away and I felt very lost and confused about my ability to mange the current home I was in and if I had the ability to afford my own home for retirement. I had found out about Trust In Equity and boy was I glad they were there to help me through this trying time. I couldn't believe how much I was capable of handling and how easy it was to obtain my retirement home"

    Trust in Equity is Fantastic!

    "Brian is fantastic. Thorough, professional, attentive to the details, communicative, spot on whenever I think of Brian and Trust in Equity!!!"

    - Kurt Zilmann

    They Made Things Easier!

    "I can't say enough about the amazing service provided by Brian Bodenski!!! I was referred to Trust In Equity Mortgage to purchase my first home, let me tell you Nobody could have made things easier or explained the process better!! Thank you Brian for all your time and effort!"

    - Dana

    Single Person Testimonial

    "Due to unfortunate circumstances its now just me and my two daughters.  I'm in the middle of raising them and working 2 part time jobs.  I really wanted to own my own place but didn't think I would qualify for anything. After searching for different solutions online I came across Trust In Equity and their entire team came together so fast and found the perfect home loan to suite my needs. Now I have a home payment that is easy for me to handle each month and allowing me more time to spend with my daughters. Trust In Equity gave me my life back!"

    Made The Process Easy

    "Recently purchased a house in Avon. I used Brian Bodenski owner of Trust in Equity mortgage (local Avon company). He did a great job helping me with my mortgage and made the process easy. I would highly recommend him for anyone in need of a mortgage. Thanks Brian!!"

    - Lorie

    Great Job with My Refinance!

    ":Brian Bodenski & Trust In Equity Mortgage did a great job handling my refinance. Brian did a great job explaining all my options as well as advice based on my situation. They made me feel comfortable & handled it quickly. Thank you Brian."

    - Larry Coreno

    Best in the Business

    "I am a local real estate attorney. Brian at Trust in Equity is my "go to" source for mortgage loans. Brian is honest, won't over charge, or upsell you into a product that is not good for you. With Brian, you can count on an honest review and a candid opinion if a refinance is right for you. His service is impeccable, and he will make the tenuous loan application process as easy as possible. He is one of the Best in the Business!"

    - David Streeter

    Prompt and Personal Service

    "I've had the pleasure of doing a refi and purchase with Trust in Equity. Brian and his staff are prompt and do what they say they'll do. Great spot for rates and personal service. Highly recommended."

    - Matt Hallett

How Can We Help You?:



Selecting the right mortgage loan to finance your first home can feel like a daunting task. At Trust In Equity we take the time to get to know our clients so we can help them select the mortgage that best fits their situation.

First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer

Nervous about your first big purchase? With all the different programs available it can be difficult to determine which mortgage loan is right for you and your family. We can help!

Current Homeowner

Current Homeowner

When looking to upgrade to a new home for you and your family the last thing you want to worry about is mortgage financing. At Trust In Equity, we are thorough and upfront in our application process. Find out how we can help!



Did you know that loans for veterans are the most underutilized type of mortgage loan in the United States? As somebody who served our great country, you deserve to enjoy the many benefits of a VA loan.



As a real estate investor who is trying to build wealth, it can be challenging to find a mortgage broker who understands your unique goals and needs. As investors ourselves, we can help you not only to obtain financing but also offer our insight into real estate investing.

Divorce Refinance

Divorce Refinance

Going through a divorce is an exhausting process. Emotions are high, opinions can differ, and your home is a very important asset to manage. We have learned how to take a sensitive and well-rounded approach to come up with the best options for both parties.