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The Benefit of Revisiting Your Mortgage in Different Economies

By Trust in Equity
October 19, 2018 Category: Mortgage, PMI, Mortgage Tips

The Benefit of Revisiting Your Mortgage in Different Economies We continue our video series this week with Dan and Larry. They discuss why homeowners should consider re-approaching their mortgage in todays economy, healthy economies, and bad economies. Check it out: *below is a transcription of the video. Reviewing Your Mortgage in the Present Economy A lot of people are getting notifications right now that their home values are up. Be it from realtors listening to them or maybe tax values are going up. Thats a good indication that it might be time to take a look at your mortgage. People that have purchased in the last 2-5 years may have the situation where they dont have 20% down, so theyre paying PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). With the values of their home up, if we sit down and take a look at their mortgage, we may be able to reset it without the Private Mortgage Insurance (and cost that comes with it). Resetting Your Mortgage in a Healthy Economy Can Make A Difference Many

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