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Category: First Time Home Buyer

What Do I Need to Know If It's My First Time Buying a Home?

By Trust in Equity
October 04, 2018 Category: First Time Home Buyer

Im a first time home buyer - where do i start? We have started a new video mini-series to discuss some of the common questions people have when they are seeking a mortgage. On todays video were going to discuss first time home buyers. * Below is a transcription of the video What constitutes a first time home buyer? What type of person would that be? The general premise is any one who is entering the market for the first time is considered a first time home buyer. The underlying issue is whether or not youve purchased a primary residence within the last 3 years. What if I havent Owned a Home in More Than 3 Years? Lets say you went through a bad economy, or whatever it is and you were renting for five years, so you can actually fall back into that first time home buyer. Correct! As long as you havent owned a house as your primary residence within the last three years you qualify for a lot of first time home buyer programs. What do I need to prepare before finding a mortgage broker? So

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