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The Refinancing Option

June 06, 2016 by Brian Pritchard

The Refinancing Option Helpful Info for Homeowners Considering a Refinance Homeowners consider refinancing for a number of different reasons. Sometimes, the goal is to consolidate debts into the home loan to reduce overall interest in the long run. Other times, the goal is simply to lower monthly mortgage payments by taking advantage of a mortgage rate that is lower than that secured during the initial purchase of the home. Whatever your reasons for looking into refinancing a house, we are here to help you understand the scope of your refinance options. Types of Refinance Loans Conventional: This straightforward refinance option is a good starting point when exploring refinancing your home. The greater the equity you have in your home, the better a conventional refinance will work for you. HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program): HARP is a government-backed refinance program designed to help make your payments more affordable so you can stay in the home. FHA Streamline:

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